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Tower Hobbies - R/C News and Press Releases

22 April 13 - Ready-to-Run DuraTrax 835E 1/8 Scale Brushless 4WD Racing Buggy An edge in racing is always a good thing, and this buggy delivers one factory-installed and ready for action: a power system consisting of an Onyx 2200kV brushless outrunner motor and a waterproof, 120A Onyx ESC.

10 April 13 - OS Engine Brushless Outrunner Heli Motors The best choices in brushless power for 550-650 helis. Heli pilots looking for peak performance need look no further than this outstanding pair of brushless outrunner heli motors from O.S.

22 April 13 - TrakPower TK60 Soldering Iron For budget-conscious modelers wanting a soldering iron for R/C projects as well as household jobs, the TK60 Soldering Iron is the ideal choice.

10 April 13 - OS Engine Brushless Outrunner Heli Motors The best choices in brushless power for 550-650 helis. Heli pilots looking for peak performance need look no further than this outstanding pair of brushless outrunner heli motors from O.S.

02 April 13 - Heli-Max Axe 100 Upgrades The newest from Heli-Max are sure to be a success: they’re the upgrades that pilots ask for, and they’re all for the most popular collective-pitch helis in the Heli-Max line. the Axe 100s. That includes not only the Axe 100 CP, but also the new Axe 100 SS and Axe 100 SSL.

02 April 13 - OS Engines GF40 Gasoline Engine Ideal for aerobatic or scale aircraft, the 4-stroke GF40 offers excellent torque and a realistic sound, plus fuel economy and the fit and finish O.S. is famous for.

29 March 13 - Duratrax 19-in-1 Tool Set for Traxxas® Vehicles A comprehensive kit for maintaining Traxxas models!

29 March 13 - Top Flite Giant Scale Spitfire ARF This impressive model perfectly represents the majesty of the original fighters with scale parts and a matte-finish trim scheme. Its handling on the ground and in the air is smooth and responsive.

28 March 13 - Desperado Jr. OBL Brushless 2.4GHz Off-Shore Racer RTR Thanks to the advanced Ace Cougar GP3 2.4GHz radio system the Desperado Jr. OBL is ready to deliver highpowered catamaran thrills with precise, worry-free control.

28 March 13 - TrakPower LiPo Hard Case Batteries These packs deliver more of what drivers are looking for in high-performance LiPo technology.

15 March 13 - Nick Maxwell Wins at 3DX Australia! - Take top honors at Australia's inaugural 3DX! "Winner" is Nick Maxwell's middle name and he proved it yet again by taking First in the 3D Heli Competition in Australia with his Futaba 18MZ radio.

15 March 13 - The compact choice in a telemetry-enabled receiver - Futaba leads the way in stick-to-servo response, and FASSTest technology continues to change the way 2.4GHz systems are designed. The high-voltage R7003SB offers modelers unparalleled flexibility, with bi-directional capability to support a broad range of telemetry functions.

27 Feb 13 - Servos on the cutting edge of performance - Today’s pilot demands more, and these S.Bus2 servos deliver more! They can handle up to 2S LiPo power, making them ideal for powering functions on large scale airplanes and competition helis.

27 Feb 13 - LiPo packs with more power for greater performance - To meet the needs of R/Cers wanting more from their batteries, Onyx introduces LiPo packs with 35C discharge ratings.

27 Feb 13 - Servos on the cutting edge of performance - Today’s pilot demands more, and these S.Bus2 servos deliver more! They can handle up to 2S LiPo power, making them ideal for powering functions on large scale airplanes and competition helis.

27 Feb 13 - Now with Version 1.3x software - Hailed as R/C’s most advanced 3-axis flybarless system when it was introduced in 2011, the CGY750 now features updated software that delivers incredible flight performance.

27 Feb 13 - Packed with winning performance - Speed-tuned at the O.S. factory to provide the performance that top drivers demand, the 21XZ-B Speed Spec II is destined to become the engine of choice for discriminating racers.

27 Feb 13 - Precision power for club competition - Engineered to deliver maximum performance with minimal effort, the 21XR-B engine is an affordable alternative for the upand- coming off-roader.

27 Feb 13 - A boat that breaks all the rules - The Outlaw Jr. burst onto the R/C boat racing scene as a deep vee that was compact, competitive and criminally fast. It’s now being reintroduced with Ace Electronic’s newest 2.4GHz radio system, the Cougar GP3.

27 Feb 13 - Leaves all other electric off-roaders in its dust - With big 1/8 scale dimensions, brushless brute force and superior handling, the eMTA will dominate the conditions AND the competition!

27 Feb 13 - Delivering big-time monster truck performance - Wild wheelies, back flips, big air off the jumps...these are just some of the fun things the MT4-G3 monster truck can do!

27 Feb 13 - Turn the Mini Titan V2 into a 3D monster - By upgrading a few essential parts, the E360 Conversion Kit stretches the Mini Titan E325 V2 heli into a larger machine.

27 Feb 13 - The Titan X50E: now equipped with a high-performance brushless motor - With flybarless technology, a torque tube-driven tail, 120° CCPM control system and so much more, the Titan X50EF has the ability to make 3D look effortless.

11 Feb 13 - A smooth, competitive cat - With its authentic sponsor trim scheme, the Lucas Oil brushless FE catamaran stands out from all the other offshore racers.

11 Feb 13 - The hull gleams, the lights shine — and the water cannon really works! - The Rescue 17 is the only large-scale fireboat RTR available — and it can be ready for launch just moments after it leaves the box.

11 Feb 13 - Fast, tough — and 100% complete. - The original, invincible Duratrax Evader EXT racing truck platform proved itself extremely tough and reliable. Now Duratrax unveils the Evader EXT2.4 — a stadium competitor so complete, it requires absolutely nothing except a driver behind the wheel!

11 Feb 13 - The legendary trainer and barnstormer returns - Modeled after Geoffrey de Havilland’s DH 82 Tiger Moth, this Flyzone biplane is right at home in a backyard, at a park or even inside a gymnasium.

11 Feb 13 - Command the Lightning - The P-38 Lightning was one of the most distinctive single-seat fighters of World War II. America’s top scoring aces flew the Lightning, and now you can fly it too!

11 Feb 13 - Fly Your Way! - The Mini Switch lets you change between a low-wing and a high-wing mounting quickly and easily. Its compact size makes it easy to transport to and from the flight park without disassembling the plane.

11 Feb 13 - The ideal first float plane. - The Tidewater makes an outstanding first float plane, offering simplicity and performance that appeal to every adventurous pilot.

11 Feb 13 - Fast and aerobatic! - With nearly all of their flying surfaces horizontal by design, flying wings are limited when it comes to yaw authority. The Flyzone Hadron stretches the envelope to include knife edge, violent spinning maneuvers and extreme aerobatics.

11 Feb 13 - What is AirCore? - AirCore is a revolutionary new concept in R/C flight. On the outside, AirCore airplanes look like typical aircraft. Inside, though, is a BIG difference: the Power Cartridge. It contains a brushless motor, brushless ESC, Tactic SLT receiver and 3 digital ultra-micro servos.

11 Feb 13 - Fast forward into flight! - Snap its magnetic rudder in place, and assembly is done. Install a flight pack, and it’s flight-ready just as fast.

11 Feb 13 - Build a world favorite your way. - Designed to look and perform just like the original, this scale Cirrus SR-22 is a faithful model and a fun flyer all in one!

11 Feb 13 - A fast favorite for speed fanatics! - The original, 31” span Great Planes Rifle scored big with pilots looking for fast, full-throttle fun… without needing expensive electronics and spending hours in the workshop prior to flight. This one-meter version offers a larger size for improved handling and visibility, plus even faster speeds. It all adds up to a lot of adrenalin-pumping action!

11 Feb 13 - Axe 100 SS delivers brushless power for 3D aerobatics! - Heli-Max has combined Axe 100 CP agility with an aggressive brushless power system to create the Axe 100 SS (Super Sport Brushless).

11 Feb 13 - Axe 100 SSL dazzles with brushless power and LED lights -

11 Feb 13 - Command the Flying Field - It’s easy to make a model that looks like a Blackhawk, but it’s much more difficult to make a model that performs like one. Heli-Max was up for the challenge. They designed this scale model of the Sikorsky® Blackhawk to resemble the original in every feature.

11 Feb 13 - TTX850: R/C’s most affordable 8-channel air/heli computer system - The TTX850 could easily be the only radio a pilot would need to fly an entire fleet of helis and fixed wing aircraft. It’s a quantum leap forward in sophistication from simple 4-channel systems, as well as a solid investment and superb value for the pilot.

11 Feb 13 - Powerful, trustworthy performance — at an exceptional value - Expertly engineered Tactic servos deliver the speed, torque and precision needed for optimal results in a wide variety of applications.

11 Feb 13 - England’s finest fighter - Spitfires are the most iconic aircraft Britain has ever produced. They aren’t just planes; they are symbols of the stubborn resistance the British put up against the Nazi war machine. Now, Top Flite is adding England’s most famous fighter to its line of exactingly detailed Giant scale models.

07 Jan 13 - THE PERFECT UPGRADE FOR READY-TO-RUN POWER SYSTEMS - Onyx Brushless Systems are perfect for upgrading existing RTR brushless systems, as well as installation in 1/10 and 1/8 scale electric kits.

07 Jan 13 - THE SECRET WEAPON FOR DOMINATING NITRO TOURING COMPETITION - O.S. engineers have taken superior Speed Spec performance to the next level! In addition to smoother acceleration from idle to full throttle, the 12XZ Speed Spec III also has increased low-to mid-range torque.

07 Jan 13 - MAKING ANYLINK EASIER FOR SPEKTRUM AND JR® USERS - This adapter cable features a micro connector for a 2-cell LiPo or LiFe battery, allowing users to choose their favorite chemistry and capacity.

04 Dec 12 - GAIN AIR SUPERIORITY - IN YOUR OWN BACKYARD - The British S.E.5a played a vital role at the Western Front during WWI. Easy-to-fly, stable and forgiving, it was the ideal plane for pilots with limited experience.

04 Dec 12 - THE FUTABA 14SG HAS IT ALL - AND MORE - The 14SG is the only 14-channel system with revolutionary 2.4GHz FASSTest™ technology. It's compatible with Futaba FASSTest™, FASST™ and S-FHSS™ protocols, so you can use virtually all Futaba 2.4GHz air receivers.

04 Dec 12 - FACTORY-TUNED FOR FIRST-PLACE FINISHES - The O. S. 21XZ-M Speed Inboard Marine Engine has the power to make any boat a bona fide competitor on the water.

04 Dec 12 - BRUSHLESS COMPONENTS TO POUR ON THE POWER - Drivers who race electric vehicles demand top-notch components that are engineered to win - and TrakPower MS Series brushless power systems deliver.

20 Nov 12 - SCALE DETAIL AND TOP PERFORMANCE - Not only is the Duratrax Nissan GT-R 1/10 4WD Nitro a real tour de force, it's ready-to-run and ready-to- satisfy every driver's need for speed!

20 Nov 12 - INDISPENSIBLE FOR 1/8 SCALE RACING - The Duratrax 17 mm Wheel Nut Driver is a valuable tool for every 1/8 racer's toolbox.

20 Nov 12 - THE MOST CAPABLE CARRIER-BASED FIGHTER-BOMBER OF WWII - WWII's "Whistling Death" could outfight, outclimb and if necessary, outrun any prop-driven enemy aircraft. The Flyzone™ Select Scale™ F4U Corsair reproduces this classic gull-wing fighter with scale touches not included in any other ready-to-fly version.

20 Nov 12 - STANDOUT IN THE AIR - With its impressive dimensions and racy good looks, the Revolver™ 50 cc Gas ARF is a real standout in the air.

20 Nov 12 - O. S. GT60 GAS ENGINE - POWERFUL AND EFFICIENT - The GT60 is the latest gasoline engine from O.S., and it gives fliers of popular 50cc class aircraft everything they want most - durability, efficiency, easy operation and super-strong performance.

20 Nov 12 - VINYL COVERS WITH A VARIETY OF USES - The TrakPower Vinyl Carb/Pipe covers are made of a stretchable vinyl and are great for carburetors, mufflers, pipes and tubes.

20 Nov 12 - A TRICKED-OUT TOURING CAR FOR SERIOUS RACERS - The Thunder Tiger TS4e 1/10 Scale Brushless 4WD Touring Car RTR has everything competitive drivers want, including dual belt 4WD, a brushless power system and an independent double wishbone suspension with four adjustable shocks.

20 Nov 12 - SPEED AND STYLE - BOTH IN A 2WD TOURING CAR - The Thunder Tiger TS2e 1/10 Scale EP 2WD Touring Car gives drivers excellent value in a 2WD electric on-road racer without compromising speed and style.

20 Nov 12 - TAKING YOU FROM BEGINNER TO PRO - The Mini Titan E325S Brushless ARF is 95% assembled and capable of performance that'll please anyone from a first-time flier to an all-out 3D competitor.

30 Aug 12 - DURATRAX TIRES FOR POPULAR 4x4 SHORT COURSE TRUCKS - Duratrax has just released mounted tires and wheels designed for the Associated SC10 4x4 and Team Losi SCTE 4x4, giving drivers a fast, easy way to enjoy the performance of Competition Tires.

30 Aug 12 - EXPLORING THE GREAT OUTDOORS STARTS HERE - The Flyzone Select Scale replica of the deHavilland DHC-2 Beaver will transform any R/C flyer into an adventurous bush pilot.

30 Aug 12 - SPORT PERFORMANCE - TRAINER CONFIDENCE - Remember how a high-wing trainer helped you learn basic flight skills? The Great Planes Avistar™ Elite RTF gives you that same added confidence when moving up to aerobatics!

30 Aug 12 - TURNS YOUR FLYING FIELD INTO A 1970s AIRSHOW - Top-quality Carl Goldberg engineering has faithfully reproduced a sport-scale version of the Super Chipmunk long recognized as a 1970s airshow favorite.

30 Aug 12 - IDEAL, LOW-COST INVESTMENT IN LONGER ENGINE LIFE - Using a few drops of Hobbico After Run Engine Oil after use or before storage takes just seconds, and offers a great way to make engines last longer.

30 Aug 12 - MORE POWER AND GREATER EFFICIENCY FOR .90-1.20 AIRCRAFT - The O.S. GT22 gas engine offers fast starts, more power and more flights from your fuel budget - and unlike most other gasoline engines, it's beam-mounted for easy installation inside cowls that are engineered for 2-stroke .60-.91 or 4-stroke 1.20 glow engines.

30 Aug 12 - NEW O.S. BRUSHLESS MOTORS NOW IN .05, .25 & .40 SIZES - From foamies to aerobats to 50-size ARFS, O.S. has an electric motor that's just right. Designed to be the "gold standard" in electric power, these motors offer the same legendary quality and reliability that have O.S. glow engines famous worldwide for 75 years.

30 Aug 12 - THE LEGENDARY LUFTWAFFE FIGHTER IN GIANT SCALE - Impressive, IMAA-legal dimensions and superior scale details will make the Top Flite Focke-Wulf Fw 190 a hit at any flying field.

15 Aug 12 - THUNDER TIGER RAPTOR E550S - 95% ASSEMBLED! JUST ADD RADIO! - The Raptor E550S is designed for top-notch 3D performance and amazing ease for the 3D pilot.

15 Aug 12 - LEARN TO FLY WITH THE BEST! - The Thunder Tiger 50S gives you everything you need for transition plus factory assembly and testing.

06 Aug 12 - EASY, EFFICIENT AND AFFORDABLE LIPO CHARGING - The Duratrax Onyx 150 AC/DC Balancing LiPo Charger was designed for the modeler looking for budget-friendly, balanced charging for 1-3S LiPo packs.

02 Aug 12 - DLE 60-TWIN ENGINE - ONE SMOOTH OPERATOR - If you're looking for smooth, consistent performance in a 60cc engine, look no further.

02 Aug 12 - DLE-35RA ENGINE - HIGH PERFORMANCE IN A COMPLETE PACKAGE - The DLE-35RA features a rear exhaust for the perfect tuned pipe setup.

02 Aug 12 - DLE-55RA ENGINE - MORE POWER, REAR EXHAUST - DLE takes 50cc performance to a new level with the rear exhaust DLE-55RA.

02 Aug 12 - MICRO NIEUPORT 17 WWI TX-R - BE THE ACE OF AIRSPACE WITH THIS CLASSIC WWI FIGHTER - The French-made Nieuport 17 helped the Allies gain air superiority over Europe during World War I. Flyzone returns this celebrated fighter to the skies as a micro-sized R/C replica.

02 Aug 12 - IMPRESSIVE UPGRADES TO THE POPULAR FUTABA 4PKS - A transmitter that's 5% faster - with additional mixing options, a more comfortable wheel grip and more.

02 Aug 12 - SINGLE AXIS GYRO CONTROL TAKES A QUANTUM LEAP FORWARD - Not only are the GY430 Series single axis gyros easy to use and set-up, they also have the features modelers want.

02 Aug 12 - PHAZER JET - NOW YOU SEE IT, NOW YOU DON'T! - Don't blink! The Great Planes Phazer Electric Ducted Fan Jet ARF can travel the length of a football field in just over two seconds!

02 Aug 12 - ELECTRIFLY BALANCED LIPO BATTERY PACKS - LIGHTER, SMALLER, STRONGER, BETTER - ElectriFly LiPo batteries offer more variety than ever before - and more value for the price.

02 Aug 12 - A CLASSIC TOP FLITE CONTENDER - Like the original Contender (which debuted over 40 years ago), the Mini Contender boasts an ultra-thick airfoil, giving it an ultra-wide flight envelope.

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