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Despite the Corsair's popularity, many modelers have been discouraged from flying one because of the time and expertise required to reproduce its distinctive gull wing. That all changes now - Top Flite proudly introduces a 50 cc Giant Scale Gold Edition™ F4U Corsair ARF!

Gold Edition ARF engineering makes it easy to enjoy the "bent-wing" bird in giant scale. Prebuilt of balsa, ply and aluminum, the center wing section is itself a masterpiece of time-saving design. With this and other Gold Edition advantages, Top Flite reduces months of building work to just hours of assembly.

Hidden mounting screws secure the painted fiberglass cowl, leaving the scale outline clean and untouched. A supplied 2-piece aluminum spinner hub further enhances the completed model's appearance. Impressive scale details are everywhere. There are molded-in panel and cowl flap lines; a replica radial engine complete with pushrod tubes and spark plug wires; strut covers for the main gear; tailwheel doors that open and close; and much more.

Fully sheeted and covered in flat finish MonoKote®, the Gold Edition Corsair also includes painted fiberglass parts to create a seamless scale look. Matte finish decals add authentic markings and insignia. The Top Flite Giant Scale Corsair ARF makes this favorite fighter easier to enjoy than ever before!

Wingspan: 86.5 in (2195 mm)
Wing Area: 1376 in² (88.8 dm²)
Weight: 23-25 lb (10.43-11.34 kg)
Wing Loading: 39-42 oz/ft² (119-128 g/dm²)
Length: 70 in (1780 mm)
Requires: minimum of a 7-channel radio with 3 standard and 8 high-torque servos, main and tailwheel retracts & a 50-55 cc gasoline engine.

TOPA0704 Giant Corsair ARF   $999.99

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