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Every year, R/C's best-selling flight simulator just keeps getting better. RealFlight 6.5 is no exception, offering new ease and realism everywhere you look. One of the biggest contributors to realism is TrueView™ lighting, which makes everything onscreen look as it would on a sunny day at the field.

It offers the visual impact of natural sunlight, resulting in brighter, truer colors, sharper contrasts and details that stand out as never before. Light reflects from the ground to the underside of a wing, and canopies are clear and crisply defined, just as they would be on full-size aircraft. Another addition is the Welcome Screen, which appears once RealFlight 6.5 is launched. In addition to offering a rotating Tip of the Day, the Welcome Screen also offers fast, easy ways to select:

Other enhancements include:

Featured Airplanes:

Featured Helis:

PhotoField™ Site:

3D Sites:

And in addition to everything that's new, RealFlight 6.5 also offers all of the features and functions that have made RealFlight the best-selling simulator for over a decade.

GPMZ4480 RealFlight 6.5 with Airplane Mega Pack Mode 2   $299.99
GPMZ4481 RealFlight 6.5 with Airplane Mega Pack Mode 1    299.99
GPMZ4482 RealFlight 6.5 with Heli Mega Pack Mode 2        299.99
GPMZ4483 RealFlight 6.5 with Heli Mega Pack Mode 1        299.99

Visit the RealFlight website at

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