ARRMA BLX185 6S Brushless ESC Electronic Speed Control

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Notes from our tech department:
This is the Arrma BLX185 6S 150A Electronic Speed Control.


Can be powered by 3S, 4S, OR 6S (11.1V, 14.8V, OR 22.2V) LiPo
with loop connector
35C 5000mAh minimum requirement
6.0V3A continuous output, 12A max
Bridge connector for using single 4S OR 6S battery (5S is not
Over voltage and overheat protection
Two stage LiPo cutoff, single stage NiMH cutoff
Temperature protection mode if ESC temperature exceeds 221F
Integrated cooling fan to reduce heat during extreme running
Waterproof under normal usage
Integrated hold down tabs easily secure inside vehicle chassis
Set up from factory to default to a LiPo battery mode, settings can
changed, see COMMENTS below


BLX185 6S ESC with Cooling Fan, two Amass XT90 Battery Connectors
with 10AWG Wires, Receiver Plug, Power Switch and Set Button
10AWG Motor Wires with 4mm Diameter Gold Plated Female Connectors,
Instructions and Bridge Connector


Motor such as the Arrma BLX 2050Kv 6S Brushless Motor, ARAG2000


Length: 2.26 (57.5mm)
Width: 2.34 (59.5mm) including hold down tabs
Height: 1.53 (38.9mm)
Weight: 6.9oz (196g)
Switch Length: 1.15 (29.3mm)
Switch Width: 0.5 (12.8mm)
Switch Height: 0.71 (18mm)
Receiver Wire Length: 7.87 (200mm)
Battery Wire Length: 6.5 (165mm)
Motor Wire Length: 5.12 (130mm) including connector
Motor Limit: 3000kV
Wire Size: 10AWG
Motor Connectors: Gold bullet
Battery Connectors: Two Amass XT90
BEC Voltage: 6.0V
BEC Current Minimum Continuous: 3A
BEC Current Max Burst: 12A
Low Voltage Cutoff: 3.2V
Over Voltage Protection: Over 6S LiPo (22.2V)
Continouous Amp Rating: 150A
Throttle Mode: FWDBRAKEREV
Throttle Setup: Manual via pushbutton
User Programmable: Yes, via button only
Battery Mode: LiPoNiMH, default LiPo mode


The BLX185 was set from factory to default to a LiPo battery mode.
If any adjustments such as recalibration were made, check to see
that the battery mode has not been inadvertently set to NiMH
Follow these steps to verify battery mode
1. Raise the vehicle chassis so that the wheels are not touching
2. With the battery or batteries charged and connected to the
vehicles ESC leads, switch on the transmitter and then switch
on the vehicle. If a green LED flashes once the ESC is in LiPo
mode. If there is no LED flash on the ESC, and a pulsing noise
is made by the motor, the ESC is in NiMH mode. If you intend to
use LiPo batteries DO NOT operate ESC in NiMH mode, the
batteries may be damaged.

To switch ESC from NiMH mode to LiPo mode perform the following
1. Connect battery, switch on transmitter, press and hold set
button and turn on ESC. The red LED will flash.
2. Keep holding set button until green LED flashes. The number of
flashes represents the variable number of attributes being
3. To enter the battery mode programming function, release the set
button when one green LED flashes.
4. Press the set button to change battery mode between LiPo and
NiMH. One RED LED flash indicates ESC is set to LiPo mode.
5. To save setting, switch ESC off.

CRC 070216
jxs 032416
updt jxs 040317



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